Advanced Grit Management

The term Advanced Grit Management refers to grit removal systems designed with components that are guaranteed to achieve 95%+ removal efficiency while targeting grit particles 75-150 micron. Advanced Grit Removal systems typically remove 85-95% of the total grit load entering the plant. Considering that many plants find conventional grit systems remove only 30-50% of incoming grit, the need to target grit between 75-150 micron has become a requirement for many modern wastewater treatment plant designs. Technological developments within the wastewater industry have been commercialized over the last 20 years that allow plants to achieve removal efficiencies of 85 – 95%. While slow to be accepted early on, these technologies are seeing tremendous growth. There are now close to 500 installations of Advanced Grit Management systems throughout North America. These technologies are rapidly becoming the norm in modern wastewater treatment plant design.

“The Headworks is Often the Most Neglected Part of the Wastewater Treatment Plant”

Is Advanced Grit Management Right For You?

Headworks screening and grit removal is the primary protection for all treatment processes and equipment in a wastewater treatment plant, yet the headworks is often the most neglected part of the process. Biological processes continue to evolve toward providing better effluent quality in a smaller footprint. Many of these advanced processes eliminate the protection of primary clarification (i.e. MBR, MBBR, BNR processes), allowing grit that is not captured in the headworks to pass directly to the biological process. The small footprint used by these advanced processes indicates a sensitivity to grit accumulation. This fact, in conjunction with reductions in plant personnel, drives the need for Advanced Grit Management to remove grit where it should be removed, at the headworks.

Dated design criteria and the subsequent conventional technology that results from it often caps the maximum removal of incoming grit at 30-50%. This does not protect the plant from abrasive wear and deposition. Advanced Grit Management systems can effectively protect downstream processes in a small footprint with flexible operating parameters and guaranteed results. These systems can be cost effective while being designed to fit the needs of plants in virtually any range of flows.

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